Male Chest Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes men to develop enlarged breast fat and glandular tissue due to hormonal changes, weight gain, certain medications, or genetics. Male chest surgery, also called gynecomastia surgery or reduction mammaplasty, can help patients feel more confident while also relieving discomfort caused by large, heavy breast tissue.

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Male chest surgery benefits:

  • Reduced back, neck, and shoulder pain

  • Improved ability to participate in high-impact activities, such as running

  • Better self-esteem and confidence

  • Chest tissue is proportional to the rest of the body

  • Improvement of chronic rashes and skin irritation under the breast folds

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that results in the enlargement of the breast tissue in males. This condition is quite common and can occur at any age. While it is not typically a serious medical concern, it can cause significant discomfort and self-consciousness in affected individuals.

Gynecomastia is usually caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body. Specifically, an excess of estrogen or a deficiency of testosterone can cause breast tissue to grow. This hormonal imbalance can occur naturally during puberty or as a result of certain medications, medical conditions, or lifestyle factors.

The symptoms of gynecomastia can include breast enlargement, breast tenderness or soreness, and nipple discharge in some cases. The condition can be diagnosed through a physical examination, blood tests, or imaging studies.

In many cases, gynecomastia will resolve on its own over time. However, if the condition is causing significant discomfort or affecting a person’s quality of life, treatment options are available. These may include medication to rebalance hormone levels, surgery to remove excess breast tissue, or a combination of both.

If you are experiencing symptoms of gynecomastia, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider. They can evaluate your condition and help you determine the best course of action to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Medical Review: This procedural information has been medically reviewed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Brian A. Cripe, M.D.

What to Expect

Our goal is to accentuate your chest’s natural, masculine, or nonbinary contours to help you feel more confident and comfortable. As board-certified plastic surgeons, we are experts at handling delicate breast tissues, skin, fat, and muscular tissues to achieve noticeable results with minimal scarring.

Before Your Procedure

Before your gynecomastia surgery, we will meet to talk about your surgical goals and medical history. We’ll examine your anatomy, take photographs and measurements, and will make treatment recommendations based on your unique goals. We will also answer your questions and discuss the procedure, potential risks and benefits, anesthesia, medications, and recovery instructions.

During Your Procedure

First, an anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia or IV sedation. Based on your anatomy and surgical goals, we can use just liposuction or combine liposuction and excision techniques to remove excess glandular tissue, fatty deposits, and skin. Based on your goals, we can also address asymmetry by repositioning the nipple and areola into a more natural position. In some rare cases we will transplant the nipple and areola to an ideal position.

After Your Gynecomastia Procedure

The procedure takes approximately two to three hours, and you can go home afterward. You will need somebody to drive you home, as you will not be able to operate a vehicle after anesthesia. We perform gynecomastia surgery as an outpatient procedure at our accredited Northern Arizona SurgiCenter in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Male Chest Surgery FAQs

Every plastic surgery practice offers different pricing. The national average procedural fee for gynecomastia surgery is around $4,000, plus the cost of anesthesia, surgical facility costs, and medications. Please set up a consultation with one of our surgeons to learn more about the procedure and to receive a personalized quote.

Preferred gynecomastia candidates are healthy, nonsmokers, and do not have any medical conditions that may impede wound healing. BMI is also a consideration. When you meet with one of our surgeons for your consultation, we will discuss your goals and anatomy to determine which procedural approaches would be best suited to meet your unique needs.

At our practice, we offer interest-free financing options through Care Credit and PatientFi.

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