Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery may be necessary to replace old implants, change the size or shape of the breasts, or address complications and poor results from the original surgery.

Our highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons have performed thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. We invite you to book a consultation to discuss your goals and treatment options.

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Breast revision benefits:

  • Reduced back, neck, and shoulder pain from oversized and heavy implants

  • Improved shape and size of breasts, based on your desired outcomes

  • Reduced pain from capsular contracture

  • More natural and youthful breast contours

  • Reduced implant show or rippling of the implants

Breast augmentations are very popular procedures, however, breast implants are temporary devices. Over time, it’s natural for breast implants and the tissue surrounding them to change. About a quarter of breast augmentation patients will get a breast revision 10 years after the initial procedure.

What to Expect

Your breast revision procedure will be tailored to your unique goals. Your breast implants should not be causing you pain or making you feel insecure, and we want you to feel confident with your breast size and appearance. As board-certified plastic surgeons, we are experts at handling delicate breast tissues, skin, fat, and muscular tissues to achieve noticeable yet natural-looking breast revision results.

Before your revision, we’ll meet with you during a consultation to talk about your goals, anatomy, and medical history. Based on your measurements, anatomy, and desired outcomes, we’ll recommend a treatment approach. We’ll also talk about the breast revision procedure, anesthesia, recovery instructions, and potential risks and benefits. Breast revisions are often combined with a breast lift or breast reduction.

On the day of your procedure, you will be checked in and taken to pre-op, where we’ll review the surgical plan and address any questions you have. We’ll take final measurements and will prep you for surgery before an anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia for your comfort.

Based on your anatomy, the type of implant, and your goals, we’ll typically make one of three incision patterns:

  • Inframammary Incision: We’ll make a single 5 cm incision hidden in the crease under the breast.
  • Lollipop Incision: We’ll make one incision around the areola, and a second from the bottom middle of the areola vertically down to the breast crease. This is also called the vertical incision pattern.
  • Anchor Incision: We’ll make the same incisions as the lollipop, but with an additional inframammary incision along the breast crease. This is also called the inverted T or Wise incision pattern.
  • Donut Incision: We’ll make an incision only around the areola. This is also called the periareolar incision pattern.

Through these incisions, we’ll remove or replace your implants. Based on your goals, we can use liposuction to remove fat tissue, reshape the breasts, address asymmetry, or resize or reposition the nipple and areola.

The procedure takes approximately two to three hours, and you can go home afterward. You will need somebody to drive you home, as you will not be able to operate a vehicle after anesthesia. We perform breast revisions as outpatient procedures at our accredited Northern Arizona SurgiCenter in Flagstaff.

Medical Review: This procedural information has been medically reviewed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Brian A. Cripe, M.D.

Breast Revision Recovery and Aftercare

Many of our breast revision patients feel well enough to return to work and everyday activities after two weeks. Please avoid strenuous, high-impact activities and exercise for four to six weeks, and take it easy while you recover. You can expect to see final results within a few months, once you’re fully healed.

To optimize healing, we ask our patients to follow these recovery guidelines after their procedure. If you notice increased redness, discharge, or pain near your incision, please give us a call right away.

  • Incision Aftercare: Be gentle with your incision area and keep it clean and dry. You can shower after 48 hours, but please avoid submerging your breasts in the water while bathing or swimming for at least four weeks.

  • Post-Operative Bra: Wear your post-surgical bra continuously for six weeks to help reduce swelling and promote wound healing. As an alternative to the garment that we provide you, you can also wear a sports bra that provides gentle compression. Please avoid underwires for at least six weeks.

  • Medications: We’ll usually prescribe pain medications to help you feel more comfortable as you heal.

  • Scar Massage: Once your incisions have healed after around two weeks, you can begin performing scar massage by gently rubbing a moisturizer into your incision areas. Please don’t waste money on expensive scar creams. Any gentle moisturizer, like Aquaphor or cocoa butter, will be effective. The real benefit comes from the massage itself.

  • Sun Protection: Wear sunscreen on your chest and avoid direct sun exposure on your breast recision incision areas to help keep your skin healthy.

  • Laser Treatments: Laser skin resurfacing treatments can help improve the appearance of breast revision scars, and based on how you’re healing we may perform these during your follow-up appointments.

Breast Revision FAQs

Every plastic surgery practice offers different pricing. Please set up a consultation with one of our surgeons to learn more about the procedure and to receive a personalized quote. We offer six- and 12-month interest-free financing options through Care Credit. 

Breast implant manufacturers typically offer a warranty and will replace the implant if it ruptures. Breast revision procedures are usually cosmetic and paid for out-of-pocket.

You may be a candidate for breast implant revision surgery if:

  • You are unhappy with your implant size or appearance.
  • You have experienced a complication resulting from your previous augmentation.
  • You are generally healthy and do not have medical conditions that interrupt healing.
  • You do not smoke. 
  • You are at a stable weight.

BMI is also a factor we consider.

At our practice, we offer interest-free financing options through Care Credit and PatientFi.

Many patients also combine their breast revision with a breast lift, tummy tuck, or liposuction, At Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona, we provide discounts for subsequent cosmetic procedures. Booking multiple cosmetic procedures at once is much more affordable than standalone surgeries, and reduces recovery time.

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