Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL surgery, or the Brazilian butt lift, is a highly popular cosmetic treatment that accentuates the natural curves of the hips and buttocks. Over 60,000 patients underwent fat grafting and liposuction in 2022 to lift, tighten, and enhance their buttocks while sculpting their waistlines.

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BBL Surgery Benefits:

  • Enhanced lower body contours

  • Boosted self-confidence

  • More sculpted, shapely, and balanced appearance

What to Expect

Many patients seeking Brazilian butt lift surgery aim to achieve a shapely, well-defined hourglass figure with rounder and more accentuated buttocks. Although the treatment was not originated in Brazil, nor does it strictly qualify as a “lift,” which mainly deals with skin sagging, it still ranks among the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the United States.

The procedure involves extracting fat from the hips, lower back, thighs, or abdomen and transplanting it into the buttocks to achieve a more prominent projection.

Brazilian butt lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, and the entire procedure usually takes less than two hours. In the operating room, we inject a tumescent solution into the areas we’re going to liposuction to facilitate safe tissue removal while reducing bruising and soreness. Fat can be harvested from the hips, low back, flanks, thighs, and abdomen, depending on the patient’s desired results and physiology before surgery.

Next, we separate the harvested fat cells and extract the healthiest cells for transfer. The healthy fat cells are evenly distributed superficially, above the muscle in the desired areas of the buttocks that we want to accentuate and fill out. The entire procedure is done through small, <1 cm incisions, which are closed with tiny stitches placed under the skin. Drains aren’t necessary, and patients can go home after the procedure is done.

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Brazilian butt lift surgery is semi-permanent, but many patients have long-lasting, positive results – particularly if they don’t experience any dramatic weight changes. Up to 40% of the fat cells can be reabsorbed by the body during the healing process. This means patients can expect to lose some volume within the first few months after surgery. Please note that patients who want to attain significant volume may need to undergo multiple rounds of fat grafting to safely get the results they’re looking for.

Medical Review: This procedural information has been medically reviewed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Brian A. Cripe, M.D.

Butt Lift Recovery and Aftercare

Patients can typically return to work and activity within two weeks and will see final results within three to six months. Mild pain, bruising, and swelling are common. During recovery, it’s important to get up and move around often.

To optimize healing, we ask our patients to follow these recovery guidelines after their procedure. If you notice increased redness, discharge, or pain near your incision, please give us a call right away.

  • Compression Garment: After the procedure, patients will wear a post-surgical garment that provides compression to liposuctioned areas for four weeks.

  • Bathing: Patients can shower the day following their procedure.

  • Return to Work/Activity: Patients can expect to return to normal activities within two weeks. Some patients say they experience soreness similar to a hard workout following the procedure. Listen to your body and don’t try to overdo it while you’re recovering.

  • Minimize Sitting: Patients must minimize the amount of pressure they put directly on the grafted fat during recovery. Foam padding can help relieve pressure.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

On average, buttock augmentation surgery with fat grafting costs between $4,800 to $5,500. This range does not include ancillary fees associated with anesthesia, facility fees, post-surgery garments, and medications.

Yes! We offer interest-free financing options through Care Credit and PatientFi.

We generally feel comfortable performing BBL surgery on patients who are close to their ideal body weight, non-smokers, and in good health. BMI is also a consideration.

In rare cases, BBL surgery complications can be fatal. It has the highest mortality rate of all elective cosmetic surgery procedures. However, the rate of complications when performing this surgery continues to decrease as many plastic surgeons have adopted safe BBL surgery best practices. A core requirement is to avoid injecting fat cells near the gluteal veins, which are located in the muscle. Your surgeon should inject fat superficially and on top of the muscle to minimize the risk of pulmonary fat embolism. Another way to reduce risks is to use a large bore cannula for fat grafting, thus reducing the injection pressure. This often yields better results, improves fat cell viability, and reduces the risk of fat embolism.

There are some risks associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery that your surgeon will discuss with you. These risks and complications include:

  • Fat necrosis and infection: This occurs when a surgeon places too much volume, causing the grafted tissue to lack adequate blood supply.
  • Pulmonary fat embolism: A potentially fatal but very rare complication that occurs when a surgeon injects fat cells into a gluteal vein.
  • Aesthetic risks: Cobblestoning and dimpling can occur when a surgeon incorrectly approaches the harvesting and distribution of adipose tissue.

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