Why Should I Consider Fillers for My Face and Lips?

Unfortunately, our bodies are not made to last forever. Thankfully, the surgeons at Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona have the skills and procedures necessary for restoring volume back into our face and lips. Dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are the perfect treatments for adding fullness to combat the effects of aging. These fillers, also known as injectables, fill in the hollows, folds and lines made over the years by gravity’s unavoidable downward pull.

Why Should I Consider Fillers for My Face and Lips?

What fillers can and cannot do for you

When considering whether or not to have injections of fillers, you might not know exactly what fillers can and can’t do for you. Those who show early signs of aging or who want to rejuvenate areas of their face can really benefit from fillers.

The Cans:

  • If you have thin lips, fillers can add some “plump,” into them.
  • Contours can be improved.
  • Appearance of unwanted scarring can be reduced.
  • Dark circles under your eyes can be lessened or eliminated.

The Cannots:

  • Fillers cannot provide permanent or even long-lasting results.
  • Soft tissue fillers, or minimally invasive rejuvenation treatments, cannot give you the same results as those of a facelift, brow lift or eye lift.

Depending on the patient, certain lift procedures might be more effective in rejuvenating the face and lips than fillers. The surgeons at Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona will give you their expert opinion on what option is better for you.

Am I a Candidate for the Procedure?

If you are considering getting fillers, know that they are effective on both men and women, preferably over the age of 35. The following are some other things to keep in mind before getting filler injections.

  • You should be in good physical health.
  • You shouldn’t smoke.
  • You have stayed positive and made realistic goals on how to improve your appearance.
  • You are dedicated to keeping skin healthy, even after the procedure.


About Restylane and Juvederm

Restylane and Juvederm are two very popular hyaluronic acid injection treatments that Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona are proud to offer. These two products are used during noninvasive procedures to smooth facial lines and decrease the appearance of scarring. There are other filler injection options to choose from, which the surgeons at Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona will discuss with you during your initial consultation.

Procedure and Recovery

Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona performs the dermal filler injections as outpatient procedures. These injections are particularly useful for filling cheek and oral lines. They also work very well for lip augmentation, which allows our surgeons to improve the overall appearance of your lower face, creating youthful, vibrant looking lips. Depending on how many areas of the face need to be treated, the procedure can be upwards to one hour in length or as short as fifteen minutes. These procedures can be done during breaks from work as there are few side effects that occur. Past patients have experienced some redness, swelling and/or bruising in the treated area. These side effects usually decrease in just a couple of days.


If you are considering a face or lip filler, the surgeons at Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona are ready to take care of you. We have many filler injections to choose from including Restylane, Juvederm, and other options such as Voluma and Lyft. You’ll start to see results immediately after the injections, with treatment benefits lasting roughly four to five months, or even years, depending on the patient and injections administered.

At Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona, our goal is to help you feel comfortable in your skin again and regain that youthful glow. To learn more about Dermal Fillers done at Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona, contact us today at (928) 774-2300 or (800) 962-1390 to schedule a complimentary Dermal Fillers consultation at any of our five Northern Arizona locations.